Pudtan Chantarangkul


M.L.A., Louisiana State University, 2005
B. Arch. (Interior Architecture), 1999


Pudtan is interested in stormwater management, green infrastructure, bioretention, soil erosion control, streambank bioengineering, sustainable landscape construction technology, low income community development and vernacular landscape.


Pudtan research experience and background covers Low Impact Development, Green Infrastructure, soil bioengineering applying in low income housings, also involves in Green Urban Design Guidelines to Reduce Urban Heat Island effect research in micro-scale. In the beginning of her teaching career at Kasetsart University, she was a part of the vernacular architecture research team of “Holistic Study for the Adaptability in Different Context of Tai-Lao in the Central Region Basin of Thailand.” Pudtan’s teaching has been focused on sustainable water management, low impact development, green infrastructure and sustainable landscape architecture construction.


Department of Landscape Architecture, Faculty of Architecture,Kasetsart University

50 Ngamwongwan Rd., Latyao, Chatuchak,Bangkok, Thailand 10900


Telephone: +66-2-942-8960 ext. 352

Fax: +66-2-940-5413

E-Mail: tantanp@hotmail.com